Well, hello there! So happy to have you in my little corner of the interwebs.

I'm Raelene.  I'm a writer, a reader, a designer, a doer.  I'm a mum and a farmer, a cook and a laundress.  I'm Canadian and try hard to be a cyclist.  I'm an adventurer, a camper, and a hiker.  I'm an entrepreneur and a scholar and a night owl.  I'm lots of things, but mostly I'm happy.

I write about every day life, about travel and family and goals, about home-making and intentional living.  I share the beauties and struggles of farm life (an adventure we began in 2015) and the triumphs and frustrations of parenting little people.

I love books, cooking, the outdoors, lists, ice cream, and cold winters.  I have a BA in Political Science and French, and an MA in English Literature.  I play the piano (and the organ), speak fluent Italian and French, and have lived in Canada, France, Utah, Florida, Italy, Idaho, California, Ireland, Nevada, and Ohio (in pretty much that order).

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