Sunday, September 13, 2015

Finding Rest in Our Busiest Days

The days of young children in the house are hectic. Crazy. Busy. Demanding. Often overwhelming. (Can I get an Amen!?)

But if I'm honest, I love so very much about caring for and loving on a baby. One thing that's keeping me sane these days are nursing breaks.  I mean, the baby's gotta eat.  And I've gotta do it.  This is one of the very very few thing I must do, several times a day (everything else - like dishes and toilets and even answering the phone - can wait).

It's the break from the to-do list that feels so good.  I can give myself permission to let everything else sit for a minute.  The baby needs to eat and so I can put up my feet, I can breathe, I can stop doing, I can slow down. I can love my baby and I can rest.

Of course, not every feeding is restful.  There are two other hooligans to tend to and read to and snuggle with. And sometimes baby herself is restless. But still, those few minutes - when I'm intentional about it - help me refocus amidst the chaos and that brief rest becomes so restorative.

It wasn't always, though. I'd scroll through Pinterest. I'd peruse my news feed. I'd make mental lists of all the things I had yet to do.  I'd look at the toys on the floor and the smudges on the windows and the laundry heaped on the couch and feel overwhelmed.

No more.  I'm taking back the rest. I need it and my children need me to have it.

Once I get settled, these things are helping me make that time restful:

Reading a book on my phone (a fun one - engaging and delightful).
Cat napping (even just closing my eyes and breathing deeply makes a big difference in my mood and perspective and patience).
Telling stories (my boys love this and the house is quiet for a few precious minutes).

We all need breaks. Some of us (that would be me) need them to be mandatory - giving ourselves permission to stop the to-do-listing and take time to fill our own cups.

When do you stop to rest in your busy day?
And what helps you make those rest minutes restorative?

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