Saturday, August 29, 2015

Living in the In-Between

Do you ever catch yourself saying things like "When school starts again I'll..." or "I'll do such and such when...?"  We humans seem hardwired to be looking ahead, no?

Frankly, it's kept us alive through frigid winters and difficult seasons.  And a healthy dose of forward-thinking and goal-setting are important activities to keep us on track and help us become the people we want to be.

But I often find myself so intently squinting and straining to see the horizon that I trip over my feet or miss important moments right in front of my nose.  I suspect I'm not alone.

In this season of our life, we are between houses.  Oh, we joke about being homeless and living out of our car, but quite frankly, we really are without a physical home.  We've been living in a tent or staying on the couch with family for almost three months now and I keep catching myself thinking "When we get to our new house..." or "When we find a place to live..."

But don't we all have those "in-between" seasons?  In-between jobs, in-between semesters, in-between TV shows.  Obviously, some in-between seasons are harder than others, but life doesn't pause because we are in-between.  It doesn't wait until conditions are ideal, until the thing we've been waiting for happens. Because, really, life is the in-between.

And you know what I've been thinking about putting off?  Little things (like getting up earlier).  Silly things (like making a list of books to read this fall).  Things that I very well can be doing now (like setting new goals).  I don't need to wait for the next big thing.  I don't need to wait until we're settled down. I don't need to wait at all.

Because you know what'll happen if I do?  Most of the things I've thought about and put off won't happen at all.  I'll read fewer books than I could have.  It'll take longer to make a habit of getting up earlier.  And I will have missed everyday opportunities to reach and grow and accomplish new things.

So tomorrow morning - I'm getting up earlier.  And I might just start that book list, too.

What does living in your in-between look like?

*image: Great Basin National Park - Baker, NV

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