Saturday, March 17, 2012

On Paper-Writing

I'm having a hard time getting started on this paper. Not because I'm unprepared. Or intimidated. Or that it will be difficult (it will, but I think this time I can handle it). Or that I have no idea what to write about (all really good reasons for delay in the past). This time - it's because I'm starting early. Or rather, am trying to start early.

I'm a deadline writer. And baker. And cleaner. And project-completer. I do best - and I do really well - under pressure. 20-page paper due tomorrow and I haven't started, no problem. Big activity and fifty things to do beforehand, under control. But starting early is apparently not my strong suit.

I suspect it's from years (and years) of literally having so. much. to. do. that there was never an opportunity to start early, to make a first draft, to get things done ahead of time. With so much on my plate I could only get to the most pressing, the most immediately demanding. And so now, with a paper due on Tuesday I'm having serious trouble getting started on Saturday.


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