Monday, August 1, 2011

Line Dried

This article about line-drying made me think of all the reasons I love to hang laundry out to dry. Yes, I hear it saves money and electricity and stuff. Yes, it certainly cuts down on chemicals and products in our clothes. And yes, it extends the life of your clothes and acts as a natural stain-remover as well (I'm floored by how the sun makes diaper stains dis.a.ppear.)

I love the time it takes to hang laundry. That quiet, restful, purposeful, repetitive action. And I love the smell. Especially of line-dried, sunshine-infused bedsheets. And even the crinkly-ness of line-dried tshirts. Ahhh.

Sadly, our HOA prohibits laundry lines (sigh). I've got to find a way to work around that since right now I'm just draping things over the dining chairs (not such a good look for them).


  1. Are you kidding me?! They PROHIBIT laundry lines? weird. ps we have an indoor laundry thing that works well and holds a decent amount of laundry.

  2. Yes, prohibit. I suppose it's an attempt to avoid the "trailer trash" look in the neighborhood, but it stinks. Thanks for the tip, though. They had these in Italy and we put them on the balcony - I think I'll be doing the same on our back porch because a) nobody'll see it there and b) it'll come down after every load anyway.