Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ours is a Pretty Darn Good Story

Remember how we used to say: "I heard about such-and-such..."? I try to say that every so often, but find myself back-tracking and amending it to :"I read about such-and-such..." because really, I don't talk to enough people to have heard anything these days. If I know it, it's pretty certain that I read it. Unless of course it's national breaking news. Or global earth-shattering events. Or something really really important that everyone knows. Then I hear it from my husband - usually a day or two later than the rest of the world. But that's an entirely different can of worms.

So - I read about this idea of living a great story. (Apparently someone also wrote a book about it.) You know - believing that your everyday happenings are part of a greater adventure. That your goals have meaning and purpose and that you're being propelled - despite the chaos and/or mundane-ness (is that a word?) of the every day. I think I live in a good story. I think I'll be able to edit out a lot of the mundane-ness that feels so overwhelming right now to, in the end, find a great life story. I mean, we lived in Europe for 4 months pregnant with a toddler. Great story, right?
But it's the everyday mundane-ness that's hard to get through in the here and now. I've had a hard couple of days. Business demands (like the man who emails every three hours to see if I've gotten to his very-small-and-not-at-all-profitable request). Laundry piles (including plenty of diapers that must be washed). Toddler + baby (and all the jumping, running, yelling and playing that come with them). Unfinished house (one toilet, one sink. Still plenty of boxes with no place to go). It's dealing with the every day that's hard.

I keep telling myself one day at a time. Just one thing at a time. (And I'm not the only one I tell it to). But it's so hard to resist making mile-long lists. And then feeling bad for crossing off only two or three every day. Or to not make a list at all and rush through the day by the seat of my pants. (sigh)
Still - in the end, and with a little perspective (like a Route 44 cherry Coke Zero - thank you, Sonic), it's still going to be a pretty darn good story.

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  1. i love your story rae rae! esp. the part about canadian thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!