Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Henderson - I'm glad we're here. How's about sportin' a mild summer for me? I can take the 90s but if we could hold out on the 100+ for as long as possible, I'd be grateful.

Dear House - We're here! I know, you need serious help and we'll get to it, but aren't you happy to be full of silly kids and Bradley stuff instead of the gross cat hair and dust of yore?

Dear In-Laws (of all variations) - Gosh, it's weird to be 5 minutes away instead of 3 hours. I think I can get used to it, though. And I'm totally digging the babysitting (Last night's impromptu date night? Awesome.)

Dear Hot Water - You're sorely missed.

Dear Hot Water Heater - Could you (pretty please) be easy to install tomorrow morning? I promise to keep you busy ever after.

Dear Dishwasher - I'll get to you as soon as the hot water heater puts in his dues. Trust me, I'm so done washing dishes by hand.

Dear Dish Soap - I'll miss you your scent, but not that much.

Dear Backyard - just hold out a few weeks more, we'll get to you too, I promise. For now, keep entertaining the 3 yr old for me, will ya?

Dear Neighbor Who Took Boxes Out Of Our Trailer - Sure, go ahead. It's just trash anyway. But I still think it's weird that you took boxes tied down in the trailer parked in front of our house. Just sayin'.

Dear Friends - We've moved. Officially. I even have the NV driver's license to prove it. So if you're planning a trip to Vegas - come visit. Can't wait to see you. Cheers!

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