Monday, May 9, 2011

I Resolve: May

This month, I'm getting rid of things. Yes, it's largely in response to the move. But really - I feel like I've been giving a bag or two of things to Goodwill every month for a long time. And I still don't feel the dent. yeeesh.

So I'm paring down. De-junking. Throwing out clutter. Donating used items and using freecycle like a crazy woman. All kinds of people are showing up at my door to pick up random things - our bar stools-turned-nightstands for one. And the bookcases left by the previous tenants. And two ottomans I got on a whim and loved but just don't need anymore. Sure, I could probably have scored a couple bucks on craiglist, but since I'm becoming increasingly disenchanted with craigslist users, I'd much rather give it away and be done with it knowing that someone else will genuinely enjoy it and fill a need (without showing up with "not enough" cash and making me feel outraged for not giving in to their rude and totally inconsiderate tactics - ugh).

Out, out, out I say! We lived with meager belongings for months in Ireland. And in a closet in Paris. I can do without the massage wand thing (a gift from someone years ago) and the extra towels (wedding gifts also years ago) and lamps (our next house has lights - real ceiling lights!). So seriously, out out out it is.

And gosh, it feels good to let this all go. Whenever hesitation hits I think: "Memories are not things." It helps and out it goes.

All in all, I have a feeling this is a resolution I'm going to rock.

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