Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things I've Been Thinking Hard About Lately

This article "Your Emails Are Too Long" about why you should be writing shorter emails. I realize (after reading it) that I subconsciously skip over the longest customer emails in favor of answering short ones until I absolutely have to. Also - since I started counting, I naturally write 5 sentences (or less) in my replies. *Disclaimer: this is only the case for work-related emails. I tend to write 5+ paragraphs in personal emails - but then again,these for me are more akin to writing a letter than, say, texting.

This article "Stuck in the Middle with You" about working at home with kids. I generally feel like I'm in the worst of home/work worlds - I can't get enough work done and I feel terrible that I'm not very present for the kids. I'm working on setting boundaries - which generally means doing what I can when I can during the day and then really getting down to business after bedtime.

And these one-liners:
-Memories are not things
-Decorate like your clothes and dress like your bed
-Omit needless words
-Live the life you've imagined

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