Friday, April 8, 2011

On Travel

Select reasons to start planning our Round-the-World trip now: (from this great article/travel blog here)

1. We (and our kids) are only going to get older. And there are only going to be more obstacles and obligations and reasons to wait.

2. It's often cheaper to travel than live at home. Boy did we learn this during our summer in Europe. Even a month in Paris was less expensive than regular day-to-day in California.

3. We (and our kids) will learn more traveling than in a classroom. Experts say that as much as 75% of brain development happens before age 5. I believe that introducing our children to as many experiences and cultures and languages and peoples as possible will make them more open-minded, conscious, considerate human beings. And smarter, too.

4. We'll do what we want every single day. "What, do you have to work tomorrow or something? So let's do it!" I loved how Reagan would ask every morning of our month in Paris - "What are we going to see today, Mom?" And, of course, it was always something fabulous.

5. We (and our kids) will see all there is to see in the world. And learn all kinds of things about history and people and geology and geography and, well, you get it. Also - we'll take great photos of it while we're at it.

6. Our perspective will shift and we'll see more clearly what it is that's really most important. This was absolutely the case after our brief time in Europe over the summer. We have drastically changed the way we eat. We've realized that we can certainly live full happy days with minimal stuff - and we're working on paring it down at home. We have fond memories of the simple things - like rain in Ireland and picnics on the Seine and the creme brulee at La Napoule - and are trying to incorporate a search for that simplicity in our every day here and now.

So, yes - we did just buy a house and are planning to "settle" for a bit. But we're also still planning our round-the-world adventure(s). And closer-to-home ones too. For all those reasons. For our kids. And really - for the fun of it.

"Adventure is out there!"

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