Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Resolve: April

Despite March's failure, and inspired by March's improvement, the monthly resolutions continue. April is about reading - without the rigid requirement of everyday, but in the hopes of significant improvement over the course of these next 30 days.

Reading. Real books. Real paper.

Not online. Not articles or blogs or facebook status updates. Well, I can still (and will) read those, they just don't count for the resolution. And not magazines. And for this particular resolution, not even my Nook (though I love it). Just real tangible, rip-able, dog-ear-able paper.

So - I started with The Blessing Stone by Barbara Wood. The idea was cool - follow a small blue stone through generations from prehistoric man to the 20th century in vignette-type stories and a small peak into each character's life and place. But the actual execution was without merit. And there was entirely too much sex. I mean, I get it, but there should be more to a story. So less than 100 pages in, I dropped it - uncommon for me, but if I'm resolving to read, I'm going to read good things.

Perfume by Patrick Suskind (a German author) has currently taken up residence in my purse and on my nightstand. It's intriguing and pulls me in my the nose. The protagonist has an astonishingly sensitive sense of smell and can distinguish, separate and identify the faintest shimmer of a scent. Suskind's words are so literally accurate that I feel I can smell (or at the very least remember smelling) the very same things - vile or lovely - that he describes. It's fantastic.

So that's April's resolution: to read. More than I have, and preferably every day. But there's no rigid requirement, no item to check off the list. I'm just going to read more and that's that.

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