Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Progress

March 5 - This walk was very late - and to avoid any chance of shark attack, I walked back and forth up and down the street in front of our house - 12 times.

March 6 - It was raining for this walk, but I love how clean and bright the world smells in the rain. It was late again, so just around the block 3 times (1 mile) tonight.

March 7 - Reagan, Emeryck and I flew to Seattle to visit Aunt Janet and Great-Grandma Kochel. The airport walking wasn't extensive, but carrying a baby, corralling a toddler and packing a suitcase and two car seats earns bonus points.

March 8 - Aunt Janet and I took the boys to the park to play; I walked home - and around the neighborhood several times. Grandma was out on her daily round-the-block tour with her dog, Chili; I ended up meeting them three times on my roundabouts. Every time I visit here, I end up believing bone-deep that I would love to live in the Pacific Northwest.

And there you have it - March resolution, eight days strong.

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