Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Progress II

March 9 -California drizzle has nothing on a hearty Washington downpour. I waited all day to see if it would let up. By 11pm, I couldn't wait any longer and it sure didn't take long to soak through my heavy-duty sweatshirt. No matter - the gush of rain as I lapped the neighborhood (again and again - staying close to home, you know - to avoid shark attacks) was so therapeutic after a long day indoors - even though my glasses were plastered and I pretty well could hardly see where I was going.

March 10 - Mom walked with me tonight. My mom! She and Dad drove down to see us and Grandma Kochel and it was so good to walk and catch up (about the weather at home, about all the babies being born, about my brother's dating escapades, about my sister's life plans, about the boys' funniness). It made me wish we lived closer together and we could have walking dates every day (or night, as the case may be).

March 11 - More airport walking. This time our gate was farther. And security was more trying. And Jordan was stuck in traffic so we waited for some time (in the balmy California evening air - no harm in that). We all get an extra round of bonus points for surviving.

March 12 - A mall walk. Victoria Gardens. It's our favorite mall (and much too tempting, frankly). I love that it's an outdoor mall - and that they play music from the bushes - generally old time crooners like Sinatra and Crosby.

March 13 - Late night again. Yes - I think it's a trend. 2 miles around the block. Plenty of time to think. I passed a man walking his dog - the dog had a blinking multi-colored light on his collar. I was only slightly apprehensive ('cause if you have a blinkig multi-colored dog light, you're a serious dog-walker, you know - not a shark).

March - 13 days strong.

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  1. Go Raelene! I love that puddle picture! My sister was in Seattle this past week too!