Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lovin' this Little Face

Emeryck is such a happy baby. Every day I'm totally thrilled that with every glimpse of me he gets, he explodes into smiles and coos and ecstatic head bobs. Really - it's pretty darn flattering. To him - I am the world. I am beauty and comfort and love and hope. I am a happy tummy and a clean bottom. I am giggles and laughs and gurgles. I am all good things; I am his mother.

I mentioned this awe-inspiring feeling to Aunt Janet last week. "I'm pretty sure it was planned that way," she said - with a wry grin. "I mean think about it - a smile is basically the very first thing a baby learns to do - and pretty early, too. It's that smile that makes us believe all the hard work is worth it." True. The smile, yes. But it's all that genuine, gleeful, ecstatic emotion struggling to get out when he sees me that really melts my heart (and masks the smell of spit-up in my hair).

You've noticed that when a baby smiles at you you just can't help but give him a big grin right back. (This is why all the YouTube laughing baby videos are such a hit) And isn't it neat that we'll do the silliest, oddest, random things to try to elicit that smile? Gosh, babies are great. For lots of reasons - but for right now it's about how wonderful mine makes me feel (no matter how I smell).

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