Friday, March 4, 2011

I Resolve: March

My resolution for March is to walk. Remember - I'm only making resolutions one month at a time: January's resolution was to do the dishes every night before bed - and I made it! Febraury got a little away from me so I dubbed it "Maintenance" - to maintain the dishes-at-night quest (accomplished with great success, thank you) and to keep my head above water (mostly accomplished with acceptable degrees of success).

But March is about walking. Every day. Because I need to get out of the house and because I like to walk. Odd or no, it's taken a resolution to make it happen - but happening it is.

March 1 - I walked laps with the stroller around and around the playground while Reagan alternately scaled the jungle gym, ran with me and built sand castles.

March 2 - The boys and I walked to the village to drop off a package. Reagan got a stitch in his side, but still insisted we also visit "the big park" and - after so much walking, I pretty well had to drag him home.

March 3 - Jordan was at school all day and I couldn't get away so at 10pm, I walked 6 laps around our block (0.3 miles each lap) in the dark. I wore the loudest-slash-brightest shirt we have: BSU's Statue of Liberty tribute. And fyi - texting in the dark is ill-advised (but I had to check in at every lap - you know, just in case of shark attacks, etc.)

March 4 - We went to the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Safari Park for our family adventure today. Who knows how many miles we covered? Let's just call it an all-day-walk and be good.

And there you have it - March's resolution, four days strong.

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