Thursday, March 3, 2011

{ gasp - choke - glurb }

I don't like swimming in the ocean.

I don't like the waves. I particularly dislike the suck and pull and need for constant vigilance (en-garde!) and exceedingly high statistical propensity to be pulled under and scraped violently along the bottom.

I don't like the salt. I particularly dislike the taste and its lingering burn in mouth and nose along with the terribly-difficult-to-remove gritty film it leaves on the skin.

I don't like the sand. I particularly dislike its propensity for finding its way between suit and skin and in every crevice - ears, toes, eyes, mouth - blech.

Now - I do like the ocean. And its sound.
And its loveliness at sunset.

I just don't want to swim in it.

1 comment:

  1. you and I are different on this one. There is nothing I love more than swimming in the ocean and laying out on the sand. I could (and have on occasion) done it all day.