Tuesday, February 8, 2011

High Fives All Around

"Je ne suis pas parfaite, mais lorsque je me regarde dans le miroir, je vois une mère et il n'y a pas plus grand honneur."

I was just thinking something similar the other day: I am a good mother. I think we do too much "I should" and "she does" and not enough " good job, self" and "high five momma!" 'Cause you know, we are good mothers. And we shouldn't be afraid to admit it.


  1. Thanks! I need that reminder SO BAD!!! And yes I do agree we ARE great mothers!

  2. agreed! and i LOVE this picture!!! soo precious!

  3. Thanks! And I'm giving myself a high five too, even though I'm not a mom; I'm pretty sure I understood your posted quote and I haven't read French since high school! Yeah!

    Also, you look great!

  4. Go girls. And high fives all around just 'cause I luv 'ya. (especially for reading the French, Mal - woot woot)