Sunday, February 6, 2011

At Church Today -

[in whispers]
"I want to bear my testimony."
Reagan. I think we need to practice some more.
We'll do it next time.
"No, I want to bear my testimony right now."
We'll do it next time.
"But I want to bear my testimony right now today."
Well, you need to practice some more. I'm not going to help you up there. So - tell me what you're going to say; let's practice.
"Heavenly Father loves me. I'm thankful for the prophet. And for my Primary teachers."
That's pretty good. Do it again.

I made him practice it three times in the pews and as soon as I gave the word, he took off for the podium. The bishop pulled out the step for him, he climbed up and, looking out over the vast congregation got a little nervous. For heaven's sakes - I was nervous! I stood at the steps - but on hindsight maybe I should have stood beside him even if I wasn't going to prompt him. I admit, a little close proximity love could have been in order.

He did stutter and mix up a few words, but in general did just fine and was so proud of himself. Of course, being up there with him also meant I said a few words. Mostly - I was just grateful to be his mum and to feel his faith and excitement for sharing how he feels and to know how much the Lord loves each of us - no matter where we are in life.

Tonight he said: "I did a good job bearing my testimony today. But it wasn't for you. It was for all those other people. So that they know my testimony."

Such a sweet soul. Gosh, I love 'im.
*he also makes his own scrambled eggs - see above.

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