Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tick Tock

I'd like to wear a watch. I used to carry my phone as a watch. Then my fiancee got me a lovely watch for Christmas. Only problem - it was silver. And when a couple weeks later I started wearing a gold ring... I couldn't bring myself to wear both at the same time (sigh). But I'm on the prowl again, I just have to find a watch that won't clash with my gold rings.

This one seems to fit the bill. So pretty. And brown? Love it.
But then there's purple. Purple. Like this one. Also - this one is pretty cool. Love the contrast between the large face and the skinny band - so much character.
And I really love the face of this one - rose gold. But I'm not so sold on the white ceramic strap. Maybe if it were brown?
Or here's this one with the rose gold with stainless steel - very cool. Or, oooooo. All rose gold like this one, eh?
Now.... to decide. (sigh)

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