Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Mr. Postman -

Gosh, I love real mail. And I love to write letters. My favorite letters are written in my head to my grandmother. I wish more of those made it to her mailbox.

This year Reagan and I made (and sent - trust me, this is the commendable part) Happy Hallowe'en cards to my parents and siblings. I think we'll be making handprint turkey notes for Jordan's family next (since they're the Americans and will be much more inclined to appreciate an american holiday sentiment).

I have boxes of stashed letters from close friends - and real-paper printouts of email exchanges with others. I have stacks of journals too, but the time-to-pages ratio has severely diminished since I got married and took an even steeper nose-dive once Reagan came along. Maybe I'll make an effort to slow other things down so the writing can pick it. It's such a good wholesome thing to do - write real words on real paper in real ink.

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