Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Haunted House

This was one of the most patience-required (on my part) activities we've undertaken recently. Think delicate cookie pieces and much much too much temptation for a little guy: candy! gummies! frosting! cookies! sprinkles! candy! frosting!

The haunted house kit was a birthday present. And he asked to make it every. single. day. of. October. I finally gave in the week of Hallowe'en and we were off to the races. What a splendid mess. Frosting smeared on the table and plenty on his face, crumbs in his hair and smooshed into the carpet. Sprinkles sprinkled generously every which way. And a serious sugar rush. Oh my.

Of course, his favorite part was probably the sneaking into the kitchen in the several days after we put it together to pilfer sweet treats to his heart's content.

Then again, you can't really fault the kid for a sweet tooth.

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