Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Gavin . Emryck . Theodore . Dawson . Hudson . Kieran

... and Seamus for good measure.

(even though he's been vetoed considering the most prominent mental picture of the name involves a burly over-sized scraggly-bearded red-haired wolf-hound-owning man pint-in-hand whilst walking the moors.)
Yes, like this - but more Irish and less Seventies.


  1. My opinion...Gavin goes well with Reagan but then you've started with the "un" sound and would probably have to stick with it if you have another boy. Then it might get boring. I love Theodore; I think Theo and Reagan go well. Emryck is awesomelly unusual but then you're going to have to deal with all the "where did that come from" and "how do you spell it" and it just may be a hassle. Kieran is too feminine. I think Seamus is loosing it's "old drunk moorish hag" vibe thanks to the Harry Potter character. Anything else... Dawson and Hudson are too "I used to be an unusual name but now everyone's trying to be unusual and now I'm popular". Gavin fits into this catagory a little, but not enough that I'd shy away from it.

  2. Actually, Seamus is my favorite! I love that name. Otherwise, Hudson is my favorite! Best of luck.

  3. Gavin: too brit-rock. Theodore: too progressive. Dawson: too VanDerBeek-ish. Kieran: too gay. I say, Hudson or Emryck!

  4. Oh, and Seamus is pretty manly ... although I'm not quite sure why.

  5. I must vote Gavin (our son's middle name. Love it) Or Emryck. Never heard that one and I love it! Totally a cool, handsome little man name! So fun to see you have a blog. So do we if you ever want to check it out it's