Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Books

What can I say? It's on the mind. The one I really want is this one from Binth:

Those colors! The illustrations! Just dreamy. But at $95.00, it's a big chunk of my not-so-substantial nursery budget.

I could go for this one - The First 1000 Days and its sweet sketch-like illustrations. At $12.95, it's a steal.

Know what else I love? The Once-A-Year books by Laikonik. Oh fabulous. And definitely a pace I can handle - just once a year, right? Reagan's young enough I could still start one for him without missing anything *gasp* and still have a lovely 18 yr keepsake.

I'll have to save my pennies for this though, $79.00 shipping from Australia isn't quite a spur-of-the-moment kind of purchase (leastways not for me and my still-not-so-significant nursery budget).
I suppose I have time - and still a few more slots of Reagan's baby book to fill - before the little one arrives. We'll see how much I can squirrell away before the big day -ha!

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