Monday, July 12, 2010

To Do: Diaper Pouch

I did make a diaper clutch when Reagan was a baby, but I think I'll upgrade to something like this for Numero Due. Having a pattern has got to help, right? (ha!)

*Tutorial by Noodlehead


  1. Are you expecting? Your time in Paris looks divine.

  2. Yes. Expecting. Due early December. I guess I haven't made any kind of formal announcement - here it is! And, this pregnancy has been so blissfully ick-free that sometimes I forget I am! Still, though I did seem to skip the first 3-4 months of queasiness, the swollen feet have just recently made an appearance (sigh). Can't have everything, I suppose.

    And yes, our time in Paris was lovely. Absolutely. And we're loving Ireland now. Lots of coolness, a little rain, some intermittent bright sun - it's a perfect non-summer to be pregnant.