Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Do: Babymoon

I love the idea of a Babymoon - time dedicated to just the baby and family with little to no outside responsibility and pressure. Just snuggling and cuddling and peace. With Reagan, it was mostly the opposite.

My mother came to stay with us for several days and was/is the perfect person to have around. She knew just what to do and how to take care of us. But since my parents live so far away, we needed to make her visit count so Dad flew down a few days after the birth and Jordan's family came in from Las Vegas for the weekend that we blessed Reagan. He wasn't even 10 days old! Afterwards we went out to Nana's for family dinner and more socializing - turns out it was too much.

This time around isn't shaping up to be all that much different considering the baby's coming just a few weeks before Christmas. But I think I'm going to make it different. My mom's coming again - but she'll stay longer because the rest of my family are also coming down for Christmas. It'll be a crazy busy time for Jordan as he finishes assignments for the semester. Mom can be in charge of Reagan (he'll be crazy happy about that), we can have a few select visitors (like Jordan's family), but we're not going anywhere until much closer to Christmas. That'll give us at least a week or two to 'settle in.' And Christmas is a good excuse to put it all off until then anyway.

Hmmm.... this also means I'm going to need to have all my shopping and prep done before the baby's arrival - what incentive!

**photo (and idea) via Progressive Pioneer

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