Friday, June 4, 2010

Hidden Treasures of Versailles

Jordan and I have both been to Versailles. We've seen the palace, the gold, the ornate-ness of every nook and cranny. What we hadn't seen were the gardens. I was there mid-winter, Jordan with a school-group of 13 yr old boys: the garden wasn't an option.

Oh, but this time it was. We dillied. We dallied. We wandered. We ate icecream from a old-fashioned truck. We skittered in and out of the shade. We rented a boat and rowed a mile - ahem - Jordan rowed, Reagan and I basked. We stumbled upon the Queen's hamlet. We walked dusty paths. It was a glorious day (despite the hint of sunburn).

And now we know - the real treasures of Versailles are its gardens (all 600 hectares of them).

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