Sunday, March 7, 2010


I like snippy. (No, not sippy. Wait for it.) Some days, I like it a lot. You know - a little irreverent. A little curt, a lot witty.

C Jane for example. She's snippy.

Like her post about improving the shining moments. There's this great insightful bit(albeit tinged with hefty dose of reality):

"Improve the Shining Moments. Interesting.
Because usually I feel admonished to improve the crappy moments. Or the hopeless, lonely moments. But what if I let those go, and I actually took time to improve the good in my life? Take the best of what I experience and enhance it with even better results."

And then here comes the snippy:

"Maybe improving the shining moments means I need to stop being ok with moderate piano playing and seek to become a concert pianist. Why not?
(I will tell you why not. I don't like sharps or flats.)
(And also, I've already got a gig being a Professional Sippy Cup Refiller.)"

Right. On.

**find the full post here

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