Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's See The World, Darling

When I got married, I almost gave up on all those care-free day-dreams to backpack and live in Europe. Little did I know that doing it with a partner (and even a little tag-along) would not only be possible, but doable.

We're doing it. This thing is happenin'.

I'm already making lists: 1. what to wear 2. museums to visit 3. what to pack 4. things to eat (like nutella, escargot, hearts of palm, pastries, ice cream, crepes... well, you know) 5. shoes to bring 6. walks to take 7. photos to take 8. day trips to plan...

We'll be spending 6 weeks in France this summer, 8 weeks in Ireland. Just the planning has already whet our appetite for more. We're thinking summers in France, half-years in Florence, an entire year in Great Britain, a chance to learn German in the fatherland, a lifetime at a time in each foreign country.

And really - if it's less expensive to live in Paris than it is in southern California... what's the delay? (only that our plane tickets aren't valid for another 90 days - sigh)

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