Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Detti

"I give him kiss"
Feb 6
"I want red juice."
"You do? What about purple juice?"
[long pause]
"Ok, I go get it." [short pause]
"No. I want red juice. "

Feb 5"I want it." (Mommy scowls) "Mommy... please can I want it?"

Feb 4 (to Jordan)
"Don't say dang-it. Heavah sakes! Bad boy."

Feb 3 (at the zoo)
"Oh no. I run. Lion eat me! [pointing to shirt, upon which is printed a chubby hippopotamus] Lion eat my hippopotamus!"

Feb 2"I go peepee in big boy potty. Yay Reagan! Double pound it Reagan!"

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