Sunday, January 10, 2010

Singular Focus

Remember how Julia Child and I would have been kindred spirits? So I read a comment re: Julia Child's "My Life in France" today that strikes a chord:

The most incredible part of Julia’s Parisian life so far, in my opinion, is that she was able to spend time doing something she truly loved—and not only that, but she was able to focus on it solely, without any distractions, and get REALLY GOOD at it. What an opportunity—and luxury! So here’s my question for you: If you had the chance to immerse yourself in one thing and really master it, what would that thing be? If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have said golf (don’t laugh). But now I’d probably say baking—specifically really tall, grand, layer cakes.
(Real Simple's executive editor Sarah Humphreys)

What would I immerse myself in? I think sewing (quilting and home goods to be exact). And then writing notes (and actually mailing them). Maybe fashion - of the practical put-together sort (I could stand to be really good at that).


  1. Oh my friend how we think a like! I love Julia Child! My Life in France was probably the best book I read last year. I love the passion of Julia and Paul's romance and her willingness to start life anew at a mature age. I admire that.

    If I could immerse myself in anything it might be writing, traveling, or cooking.

    I got Mastering the Art of French Cooking for Christmas by Julia Child. I have a goal to make one ambitious meal from it a month. Beef burgeon and apple tartin here I come! Wish you were here to enjoy my adventurous cooking.

  2. I would also give about anything to have a real pen pal with stamps, envelopes, letters and the occasional sharing of souls!

  3. Just so you know, Raelene, I just bought some good stationary at Porters the other day. If you ever feel like writing real letters, I would totally write you back!

  4. My mom used to give me stationary for Christmas (in fact, I think I still have some of the yellow uber-flowery set) and I drool over it on whenever I see it. But somehow the actual doing is where I get tripped up. Oh, every so often I send a good letter - our elderly neighbor from our first place in Boise and I exchange letters every few months (that's fun!) and my Grandmother gets an update every so often (Facebook and email are not available communication devices on this front) but nothing to the extent I'd hope for.

    I was a pretty good letter-writer on the mission. And I've written series of thoughtful emails (though it's not the same, by far). Griffin & Sabine are still my primary letter-writing ideal. One day I'll get there. This day I'll start small and maybe get my Christmas cards sent (I know, they're uber-late - sheesh).