Friday, January 22, 2010

Balsamic Ice Cream

Oxymoron, right? Well, today we tried it.

The verdict: Every bite sounds a bit like this - "hmm. wow. whoa. hmmm" and takes several careful moments to savor. This is the kind of pairing that makes you take every bite very slowly, that commands your complete attention. Your mind concentrates intensely on each sensation of flavor as your tongue licks and tastes and rolls the food around in your mouth. Your nose is on high alert and your taste buds are popping at the unexpectedness of it all. You can't hardly resist a second bite, but each one becomes slower as your tongue tries desperately to savor each note. By the time you've eaten the whole dish, you still haven't quite come up with the words to describe even the first taste.

This is a real culinary adventure (not for the faint of heart/tongue). Next time we're investing in an even fancier balsamic vinegar - like this one. And did you know that balsamic vinegars are aged for at least 12 years? "Balsamic has a rich, full bodied, mellow flavor with the perfect balance of sweet and sour." So say Dean & Deluca (purveyors of fine food, wine and kitchenware). Yum.

photo via thekitchen (where we found the idea in the first place)


  1. I saw something similar to this on another site- but you reduce the vinegar by 1/4 to make it more syrupy and intensify the flavors. The blog is, and it's the January 1 entry. Paired with your homemade ice cream- YOWZA!

  2. Next month I'm investing in some balsamic vinegar JUST FOR THIS.