Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Password, Shmashword

Remember that part about losing the computer? The files? The photos? The bookmarked web pages? It hurts. Frankly, it's induced a lot of little "pour lemon-juice on my paper cut" kind of hurts.

Like the fact that I can't remember my passwords. To anything. Ok, I know the banking passwords. And my email account password. But to the Belvedere blog? Or my own blog? Or facebook? The public library site to renew my already grossly overdue books? Or any of the myriad of other password-required sites I use every day? Can't remember. And I've been trying hundreds of combinations in the last few weeks, slowing cracking one by one.

Obviously, I just happened upon the password to this little baby this afternoon (finally, and after much ado, I tell you).

It's been cause for serious frustration.

The thing is, I had this dandy, nifty state-of-the-art password-remember-er programmed into my last computer. I click on a site, it remembers I've been there, automatically enters the required info and bam! I'm in.

Heed the warning: don't be suckered in. Don't be seduced into the seeming convenience. One day (and perhaps a day very soon), all that trust you've invested will be squandered. Ponzi-schemed away, if you will (or frankly, if you don't will). And you'll have forgotten. All the important and seemingly-not-so-important-until-forgotten little things you take for granted every day.

Like the password to the Pampers website whereupon I've collected hundreds of points representing the tangible results of thousands of dirty diapers. Points redeemable "someday" for "something special." But unless I can remember the pesky combination specifically designed to keep fraudulent interlopers from usurping my hard-earned stinky points, well I won't be able to use them either. And that really does stink.

photo via etsy.com

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  1. Dear Sabine-

    With almost no common paths other than our shared love of words, thank you for rebuilding your bridge.

    I love you