Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Fabric Wrapping

I love this idea from Amy at Progressive Pioneer - reusable fabric Christmas wrapping bags.

I'm thinking this is a great way to hit several birds with one proverbial stone:

a) Use up that excessive Christmas fabric stash (because we all know that though it was my sincere intention, I won't actually be making a quilt with it - didn't last year or the year before so... it's pretty well a foregone conclusion).

b) Avoid spending ridiculous amounts of money on lots of different wrapping paper combinations and froo froo (upon which Jordan continues to frown).

c) Have lovely coordinated packaging - again without inspiring the wrath (or eye-rolling) of my husband.

She left out the drawstring, planning instead to tie them all up with pretty ribbon.

Genius. Me too.

image via Progressive Pioneer

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