Sunday, December 13, 2009


When I was in college, I would often wander into the bookstore on campus - just to feel and smell and touch the books.

I'd meander through the aisles, pick up a book here, a book there. I'd thumb through the pages, read the back covers, the first chapter, the author's biography, 3 paragaphs on pg 142. I'd run my fingers along the spines, remove one from the shelf and heft it just to feel its weight in my palm. I'd trace the embossing of the title, smooth over the glossiness of the cover art, caress the linen texture of the pages inside. Sometimes I'd whisper the words to myself just to feel them on my tongue.

One day, I got caught.

"Book fondling, are you?" he said. Fondling is (was, really) such a ...well, naughty word. I was embarrassed, but frankly didn't have any other better word to substitute. It was a rather apt description.

I blushed. Nodded.

And we founded the BFA. Book Fondlers Anonymous. Apparently I wasn't the only book fondler in town. We hosted titillating poetry readings and raucous book reviews and a lot of probing I've read..., have you?s in the ample front room (with a fireplace) of the 7 bedroom brick home he lived in (with 9 other equally handsome -slash- intimidating young men). It was lovely.

And I still can't help but think of it every time I find myself in a bookstore, inevitably fondling every book I can get my hands on.


  1. No way. I do that too! Do those guys have younger brothers up here? ;D

  2. I remember the BFA! I wish I could open up a chapter here in Draper. I have been missing my book club lately. It kind of dissolved and I've had a hard time finding a replacement.

  3. If only Brooke... they're the kinds of men you only stumble upon accidentally and then ... always remember them fondly (chuckle)

    I hear ya Rach. How come book clubs are so difficult to come by and even more so to keep? I wish I were a better bookclubb-er