Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Reagan So Cute"

This has become the naughty mantra.

For example, whenever something naughty has occurred, Reagan uses this as an excuse: "Reagan so cute." Um, no. Not at all.

Oh, I put my food in my milk? "Reagan so cute."
Oh, I dumped the trash out on the floor? "Reagan so cute."
Oh, I stuck my fingers in the cream cheese? "Reagan so cute."
Oh, I pulled all the toilet paper off the roll? "Reagan so cute."
Oh, I stamped ink all over my room, furniture, arms legs and face? "Regan so cute."

The funny thing about this picture? We were walking at the zoo when suddenly Reagan stops, crouches down and says: "Mommy, take picture." Then he makes this face - and pose. What a ham!

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