Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Bed!

Reagan's been jumping and running around all afternoon proclaiming new bed! new bed!

We put the frame together a week or so ago, then realized we'd need to make a slight adjustment to fit our mattress size. We just got back to it this morning. A little tweaking on the frame, a little batting/fabric prep, a lot of stapling and tada! New bed was born.

In fact, it's inaugural mission began just a few moments ago...

We'll see how that goes.

Way cool tutorial from Gabby of Design Mom. Seriously awesome bed for a serious pittance. Gotta love the diy, eh?


  1. Great job! Snap!

  2. Excellent job!! We also did ours and on eof my inspirations was yours:

  3. Did you use a crib mattress? Can you share your dimensions?? I'm trying to flow her tutorial but the measurements aren't adjusting right.

  4. Yes, we used the crib mattress we already had - and we did have to adjust the measurements a bit. But - I gave away the bed when my little boy outgrew it and I didn't write the measurements down (sigh), so I can't share. We just kind of faked it. Measured the mattress, added a few inches and went for it. It turned out just a big snug, but I liked it that way so he wouldn't pull it off. Good luck!