Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Have To Admit,

This was the coolest birthday idea I've ever had. Ever.

Woke up early this morning; I was so excited I couldn't sleep. Putterd until it was finally time to wake Jordan up. I gave him 7 minutes to get ready, told him not to comb his hair.

I had arranged for Nick to take Jordan up in his vintage 1940s Tiger Moth biplane. More info here. So cool. So neat. So AWEsome. Reagan couldn't get enough of it either. "Daddy, fly. Daddy, fly. Plane. Fly. Daddy." Jordan says: "That beat any roller coaster I've ever been on." Excellent. Seriously excellent.

This honestly makes me the birthday maven.

Only problem is... what will I ever come up with next year?

p.s. maven, n. an expert or connoisseur

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