Thursday, September 24, 2009

He gets this from the Kochels

(the non-stop talking, that is)

I build desk. I give daddy screwdriver. I need screw. I no nap. I no like. I go eye-key-uh. Now. More mango Mommy. Move mommy. I see choo choo. I jump down. I fall down. I run. I play dump truck. I play trucks. I go room. I need bath. Mommy, I find graham crackers! I get drink milk. Where Reagan go? Daddy go school. I go school too. Now. I go school now. Fine, diaper fine. I need shoes. Get Mommy shoes. I go park. Drink water please. I lay down. I stand up. I go walk. Where Daddy go? I play Daddy mouse. I need sandwich. I get peanut butter. Daddy home!

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