Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yes, We Did

Yes, today was our first pilgrimage to the mecca that is IKEA.

Yes, we did receive the catalog just the other day in the mail. Yes, I've already dog-eared more than 50 pages. Yes, our appetites were whetted (except the correct past participle is actually whet).

Yes, we were practically overwhelmed by the size. Yes, we thought the traffic pattern cues were incredibly reminiscent of moving cattle and a very efficient way to get you to see everything (absolutely everything). Yes, the whole-room and whole-home displays were addicting (and most were larger than our existing poorly-designed abode - sigh).

Yes, we walked every square inch (excluding the warehouse) of the store. Yes, many square inches were walked multiple times (please excuse my passive tense). Yes, it took us more than four hours. Yes, Reagan completely missed his nap and was accordingly cranky, fidgety and whiny. Yes, we bought things (several of them) we did not intend to upon entry. Yes, we now have a list of at least 10 things we will be purchasing in future.

But incredibly, almost inexplicably, we left having spent less than an average trip to Target. That tells you just how much we've been spending at Target. And just how much of those funds will now be transferred to our "we're saving for our next pilgrimage to IKEA" fund.

1 comment:

  1. Ikea is a bit of a fairy land but I warn you assembling the stuff will test the strength of your marriage like never before!