Saturday, August 22, 2009

Julie & Julie & Me

Loved Julia Child's My Life in France.

Loved Meryl Streep as Julia Child.

Meryl and Julia and I would be bosom friends, you know. Three generations - it'd be lovely.

And yes, I will be trying my hand at Mastering the Art of French Cooking - both the cookbook and the intention.

However, I don't think a self-imposed deadline like 524 recipes in 365 days will be quite my thing (though I do have the tiny apartment kitchen with virtually no counter space thing going for me...)

Still, I really like the idea of taking a year to focus on one single thing - one single goal. I had a friend in college who did this. The years I knew here they were generally food-related: no salt (at least none that she added), no cookies (but she could eat cake), no cheese (she even picked it off her pizza - what a tragedy). Though at the time I thought the specific idea a bit over-the-top, I admired the hell out of her conviction to one single goal.

This perhaps, has been my downfall. I'm a multi-tasker extraordinaire and by golly if I can focus on one thing, I could certainly handle 30 more (hence my assumption as a teenager that I could certainly handle having 8 childred, ergo I would have 8 children. My husband almost died when I mentioned this casually after we'd been engaged a few weeks; I've since toned the idea to 4 - though he insists it's 2 with options... chuckle). And well, after one or two exhausting days of 31 additional things on my must-get-done-immediately list, they all sort of fall off the wagon.

Perhaps I should re-think (again) the single focus goal. But how would I ever narrow the selection to only one?!

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