Saturday, June 27, 2009


Outside my window... sunshine, hummingbirds and laundry on the line
I am thinking... about Reagan away at a friend's & getting lots done in the meantime. also, how to help Jordan's fiery-hot sunburn heal. I hear tea works...

I am thankful for... escape, indulgence, adventure and inspiration of books
From the kitchen... Jordan's making lunch - roasted asparagus, caper & prosciutto pasta mmmmm
I am wearing... blue shorts, white top, bare feet and fat silver earrings
I am creating... a new vinyl headboard collection for the website
I am going... home to Canada in August - whoop!
I'm reading... Lying Awake - Mark Salzman

I am hoping... for a movie night tonight

I am hearing... P.S. I Love You soundtrack (though mostly drowned out by the whirr of the fans)
Around the house... um. rolls of vinyl crowded into the nook with the machine, the papazan chair full of fabric for a quilt I'll make *someday* that Reagan found and promptly drug about, dishes in the sink, piles of paperwork "to be filed," and laundry that needs doing
One of my favorite things... besides Reagan? crossing off items on my to-do list or, barring that, an afternoon nap
A few plans for the rest of the week... lots of work, but also a day at Knott's Berry Farm and the Angel's baseball game and fireworks show on the 4th.
A picture to share...
Sunset Beach, yesterday

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  1. You are reading Lying Awake! I hope you like it as much as I did. Cool!