Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Santa Barbara

Sometimes you don't know how badly you need a vacation until (finally, mercifully) you get one.

Jordan and I celebrated our 4th anniversary (love love love you dear) with a couple of perfect days in Santa Barbara. The weather wasn't exactly sunny, but still exactly what we wanted: temperate, walking weather. We walked (and walked!) up and down the main street, rode the trolley car (1 ride = 1 quarter), bought fun things for the house (a curtain that'll be our new tablecloth and a sweet green apron), ate scrumptious food at beautiful restaurants (like Risotto Golosone at Ca Dario and Pork Chop Agro Dolce at Aldo's), stayed at a lovely sprawling Victorian-inspired bed and breakfast, read (!) books, found the best gelato we've had in forever (and ate it two nights in a row), lounged in bed, watched movies and aaahhhed in the hot tub.

It was glorious.

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  1. Sounds wonderful!! Glad you guys had a great time :D Happy Anniversary!!