Friday, June 5, 2009

THE Perfect Reading Chair

I am absolutely in love with this chair. Yes, it's green. But more importantly, it's the perfect reading chair - you sit far back and low enough to the ground that you can stretch out without an ottoman. The arms are the perfect height for propping up a book and the back is just right to lay your neck on but still be able to see the page. Seriously, it's the perfect reading nook. Okay, there is one caveat - the buttons are upholstered in patterned, colored fabric. I'd prefer the solid green - or perhaps brass buttons. Nonetheless, I totally love it.

Unfortunately, there's this big issue with the price... (sigh). Perhaps I'll put it on my wish list for when we a) have a house and b) win the lottery. But if you ever stop into an Anthropologie store, take a minute and sit in it. You won't be sad you did.

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