Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Case Of Heat Stroke

The calming reprieve of the June Gloom is now Long Gone. The mercury eeked up and over 90 degrees yesterday (heat stroke, you're not a welcome guest) and today was back up there as well.

I'm considering living in the car. It has great air conditioning - a luxury with which our circa 1940s house is not equipped. (sigh) And so it begins...

On a related note - we were at the beach on Friday. Jordan failed to apply sunscreen more than once. He is now suffering for it - big time. We made an after-midnight run to the pharmacy to find sunburn relief (you wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find an open store after midnight. Seriously people, this is southern California - get with the program). He's been steeping in cold tea baths, showering in icy cold barely-there water pressure and generally moaning and groaning in pain.

Warning: No Touching On Pain Of Death. Poor man.

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