Monday, June 8, 2009

He Insists

Today Reagan insists on two things: sucking on a rag and repeated nye-nye episodes.

I haven't the foggiest where he came up with the sucking idea, but when he tried to suck on the dish sponge (gross) and then the mop (triple gross), I pulled out a clean rag, wet it with cool water, folded it up nice and let him have at it. He brings it back to me every now and again so I can refold it - apparently it has to be just right, silly boy.

Nye-Nye. Definitely doesn't have a thing to do with nap-time. Essentially, these are cuddling + reading sessions and have to be done just so. He has to have a particular blanket and, like a dog settling down for a nap who has to turn in place several times until he finds the right spot, Reagan fusses and squirms and wiggles until he's just so. His blankie is tucked under his arm and the other throw is pulled up to his chin. His head is resting just so on my arm and his feet are covered. Also, you might think one book would do. It does not. He has to have a pile of books at hand. And, if by chance he's neglected to stockpile them before the nesting ritual, he gets up, grabs as many more as his hands can hold (and has been known to cry in frustration when he can't pick up as many as he would like), climbs back into bed and starts the whole "squirm until I'm comfortable" routine again. Then we read. Book after book after book after book. And when he's finally tired of it, we get up and get back to whatever it was we were doing beforehand. For like 10 minutes until he insists again on nye-nye. Over and over and over until I concede and we go back to bed with the blanket and the books for cuddling and reading and nesting.

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