Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Bear

I think I had my first true mother-bear-instinct moment this afternoon. In general it's Jordan whose hackles rise when Reagan gets bustled on the playground or has his snacks stolen or when his toys are unwillingly "borrowed".

Today though, I was all about the mommy-angst.

A bunch of kids from the Jr. High around the corner walk down our street every day. They're usually bubbly and loud and giddy - as teens are - but they confine their antics to the sidewalk and I've never had cause to be annoyed. Today however, the cat & mouse game (the boys had taken one of the girls' cell phone) moved into our backyard complete with squealing and yelling and toy stomping. They woke the baby from his nap (much too early), kicked his ball into the thicket, knocked over his lawnmower and scuffed up my flower beds. I yelled at them. Forcefully.

And all I got was a surly look and a shrug as they slinked out of my backyard. (I'm still upset)

*Side Note: Though I inherited this sweet little crushed blue velvet suit from my mother and have seen all of my brothers wear it, Jordan HATES it. (yes, in capital letters) Still, I braved the wrath for one Sunday outing and had to take a photo just to document the cuteness (or hideousness, depending on which side you stand) of the crushed blue velvet suit. What do you think? Isn't my little boy a looker?

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