Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Becoming Converted to California

La Jolla Beach, San Diego Memorial Day Weekend 2009

I can't decide if I'm reformed or a convert.

The deal is, the first summer we were here, I was miserable. The heat was horrendous, we had moved three times in as many months and I was not only suffering the shocks of Canadian blood in a roasting climate, but pregnant to boot. The next summer wasn't any better. We moved again - from an apartment with central ac and a pool to a little house built sometime mid-century with one wall unit and a washer and dryer. Every place has its perks and disadvantages, I guess. When our car broke down and I had to walk - in the scorching heat - to the post office every day for two weeks, I thought I'd die - and the postal workers thought I was crazy. The heat was relentless, the work as well and quite frankly, I hated California.

This year, we've decided to approach the issue of unbearable summertime heat with a different tact. We've planned in several trips to the beach (where the weather is so much more tolerable and even when slightly intolerable, at least there's the water and the breeze) and quite frankly, I can see the appeal of being a beach bum. Of course, it does require a lot of work and energy to keep up with such an ecstatic toddler, but still it's lovely. We're even excited about our anniversary getaway - to the beach. (This for sure indicates serious reform).

Of course, we've only hit 100 degrees once so far this year (in March!) and my powers of resilience and new-found faith in the California climate have yet to be tested. Still, with breaks now and then to the beach bum side of life, maybe - just maybe - this summer won't be a complete disaster. Bring on the beach, baby.

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