Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We were in Vegas this weekend (maybe more on that later... then again... you know - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... uh, except the sunburn - wince).

Now back to the daily grind (sigh). Even if time away isn't restful, it's still hard to get back to work. In the meantime (as I've been putting off the getting to work bit), I found this new blog. So cool. And can you believe she did this?

Yes, she just took a paint pen and painted directly on the wall. How cool is that? It's definitely on my to-do list (don't freak out honey. If you decide you hate it, I'll just paint over it - grin). More info - and photos - here. Seriously rad.

(ahem. can you believe I just said-slash-typed rad? rad!)

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