Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ask Mom

Remember all those burning questions you asked Mom when you were a kid? Why is the sky blue? Is there a dog (and horse and rabbit) heaven? Can I? Why not? How come? What if?

A year or so ago I spent a couple weekends with my Grandmother - looking at and cataloging old photos and asking questions. Silly questions, some of them. And I learned more about the details of her life in those few days of questions and memories than in all the long long summers fencing and haying and delivering salt and doing the wash and making sandwiches. Somehow life in the present seems to take up so much of our immediate attention that we don't realize what else we might be missing.

This article at this week is particularly a propos. Ten questions to ask Mom now, today. How she felt, what she regrets, how she thinks you're alike, what she needs, why on earth she married dad (grin).

So, say I, go ask Mom.

ps - then write it down.

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