Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wanted: Pretty Vinyl Tablecloth

Camilla Graphite - image via

My grandmother had a vinyl tablecloth - the same one - for years. It matched the garish wallpaper (canning jars and dill weed sprouts) and the serviceable chairs (think faded orange and brown vinyl with rough wooden legs). Despite it's ugliness, I have fond memories of that kitchen and table. Grandma Kochel's famous carrot salad, made-from-scratch lemon meringue pie on special days, a swig of aloe vera in our morning orange juice, thick-cut ham sandwiches, canning jars full of fruit, jams, pickles, beets, tomatoes and spare change, black licorice bites and peppermint hard candies tucked into the far drawer next to Grandad's gloves, the little black and white TV perched precariously atop the refrigerator, and a whole lot of love.

Now I'm looking for a vinyl tablecloth. We love our dining room table, but it's already seeing too much wear and tear and we need both a workable surface and a way to protect the table. Still, I'm loathe to delve into the vinyl tablecloths I grew up with. That's when I stumbled upon these guys: Just Wipe (I know, it sounds a bit... odd... but...) from Britain. They have the loveliest designs (no dill weed to speak of). I think I'm leaning towards the Camilla Graphite or (but preferably and) the Fino Chocolate. But then again, I also love the Melissa Olive and the Solar Green too. And will you look at that? I can even have a matching apron.

Delightful, isn't it? Maybe next time you'll visit you can see it in person?

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